Yoga helps to enhance body awareness with many benefits for overall well being and quality of life. Practicing yoga can lead to improved muscular strength and body flexibility; improved respiratory and cardiovascular function; reduced stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain; as well as improved sleep patterns.


What We Offer

Private Yoga Therapy

You are unique and so your is yoga. Our Private Yoga Therapy program includes individualized sessions to help bring the mind and body back to balance. Each session will focus on yoga postures, breathing practices, meditations and physical therapy based exercises. Sessions will be 1 hour in length and taught by our Registered Kinesiologist and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

Individuals will receive a customized home practice program to address their specific needs and health concerns. Some areas of focus can include: Back and neck pain, musculoskeletal injuries (shoulders, hips, knees, etc), chronic or persistent pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, migraines/headaches, diabetes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, arthritis and scoliosis.

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Yoga Classes

Our Yoga classes are small class sizes taught by a Registered Kinesiologist and Hatha Yoga Instructor with extensive training and specialized skills to help restore and maintain optimal movement and function. Classes will focus on body awareness through the use of yoga postures and breathing techniques. Classes are uniquely designed and will incorporate a blend of restorative yoga, Pilates, breath work, and guided mindfulness meditation to assist with bringing the body into balance.

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Yoga Therapy Program:
Mindful Movement & Mindful Eating

The integration of yoga and nutrition is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective tool to improve health and wellbeing. The combination of yoga and positive dietary changes has been shown to have a beneficial and synergistic effect on mood, pain and weight management, including a reduction in stress eating and increased mindfulness surrounding food and diet. The goal of Mindful Movement, Mindful Eating is to help individuals adopt mindful and intuitive eating practices using techniques learned in yoga therapy.

Who is this program for?

Everyone! Mindful Movement, Mindful Eating is particularly helpful for individuals with chronic pain or those who need help with weight management. However, anyone who is interested in improving their health and wellbeing would benefit from the program.

How does the program work?

Mindful Movement, Mindful Eating consists of 10 sessions during a 10 week period: 7 yoga therapy sessions and 3 nutritional counselling sessions. Timing and scheduling of sessions are flexible depending on the individual.


Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics. Please see our calendar for details.



New To Yoga?

We believe that yoga is for everybody– just show up and enjoy yourself!

Is Yoga Covered Through Insurance?

Our yoga therapy program may be covered through some insurance depending on your specific plan and coverage. Please contact the clinic for more information.

What Should I Expect?

1. Arrive a few minutes before class.

2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and no jewelry if possible

3. Bring water

4. Please mention any physical conditions, illness to your instructor before class begins.

5. Each class will be unique and influenced by your outside practice as well as your body’s present moment condition.

6. Most importantly relax and enjoy yourself! You have chosen this time to appreciate your body and become more in tune with it!

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