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Personal Training

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Start chasing your goals today! Improving your fitness helps enhance your body awareness with many benefits for overall well being and quality of life. Exercising can lead to improved muscular strength and body flexibility; improved respiratory and cardiovascular function; reduced stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain; as well as improved sleep patterns. Come challenge yourself with us! 


What We Offer

Private One on One Sessions

You are unique and so your is health and fitness journey. Our training program includes individualized sessions to help individuals of various levels achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. With a very motivated and knowledgeable expert on your team we strive to set you up for long lasting success. Our program will begin with an initial 1 hour session to assess your goals, needs and wants while establishing a realistic plan to work towards achieving them.

Your plan will consist of either 30 or 60 minute sessions that will be tailored for you and adjusted along the way to help you achieve maximum success!

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30 or 60 Minutes?

30 Minutes
We have designed High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that will get you sweating! During these workouts, you will perform total body movements that will help you train and improve your cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

60 Minutes
This is an all encompassing program that will be the most efficient way to optimize your training! This program will not only keep you motivated but it will also be the best path towards achieving your specific health and fitness goals. These sessions will include cardiovascular, resistance & flexibility training which will be tailored specifically for your goals.  These sessions are optimal for those looking for a long term health & fitness exercise program!


Meet Your Exercise Specialist

Meet Megan. She has a Master's of Science in Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology and a Registered Kinesiologist. She was a former Division I tennis player for Murray State University and was an NSCA Strength & Conditioning All American. Megan has created exercise programs and worked with Division I athletes, Cardiopulmonary Phase II patients and many others.

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to us by phone or email with any questions or to make an appointment for your fitness assessment today. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for lots of great little exercises and a sneak peek as to what is in store for you during one of your workouts as well as great tips and tricks to get yourself active! 



New To Personal Training and Exercise?

We believe that everyone can exercise. As long as there is no medically limiting reason you can't, we can come up with a program that will hopefully get you moving and keep you smiling. If you're not sure if it is safe for you to start a fitness program contact your doctor first and give us a call to discuss it with you.

Is Personal Training Covered Through Insurance?

Our exercise/personal training program may be covered through some insurance depending on your specific plan and coverage. Please contact us and your provider for more information.

What Should I Expect?

1. A safe non-judgmental space.

2. A challenge! In a good way!

3. To learn lots. About yourself and about fitness too!

4. Go home smiling! If its not fun, that's a problem!

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