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Whether you need help managing a medical condition with your diet, improving your relationship with food, controlling your weight or strengthening your athletic performance, a Registered Dietitian can help.

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How We Can Help

Chronic disease prevention

No matter your age, a healthy and balanced diet is key for preventing all kinds of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and osteoporosis.

Weight management

Your diet is one (of many) factors that can affect your weight. We can help you improve your diet and your relationship with food so that you can achieve the ideal weight for you.

Sports nutrition

For the elite athlete or the everyday person who wants to improve their fitness, proper nutrition is important for strength, training, performance and recovery. 

Food intolerances/allergies

Removing foods from your diet due to food intolerances or allergies can lead to the loss of important nutrients and a risk of malnutrition. We work with you to make sure that you can avoid any adverse reactions from certain food while still eating a balanced diet.

Gastrointestinal conditions and digestive problems

These can be acute or chronic, and present themselves in many different ways. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and celiac disease are just some of the gastrointestinal conditions that can be managed with diet.

Intuitive eating

Making poor dietary choices when you are stressed, experiencing cravings or feeling “out of control” when it comes to food are all problematic eating behaviors that can be addressed with behavior change techniques. Our Registered Dietitian will work with you to combat these behaviors and develop a healthy relationship with food, for life.

Our Approach

At Physiotherapy and Beyond, we believe in a holistic, individualized approach to food and nutrition. Our nutrition services are provided by an experienced Registered Dietitian (RD) who will work with you to meet your nutrition goals in a balanced and sustainable way. Given the world of nutrition can be a confusing one for many, we take an evidence-based approach and provide only recommendations and treatment plans that are based in science.


During your appointment, our RD will take the time to understand and analyze your situation (usual food intake, medical conditions, nutritional needs) and discuss your goals. In addition to providing nutrition education, resources and meal plans, the RD will also work with you to address certain eating behaviors that may be impeding your ability to make healthy food choices.


By working with a Registered Dietitian, we help you achieve significant, sustainable and long-term changes to your health and wellness.


What is the difference between a Registered Dietitian and a Nutritionist?

The title “Registered Dietitian” is protected by law across Canada, meaning that only individuals who have met specific professional and educational requirements are legally allowed to use this title. All Registered Dietitians in Ontario are members of the College of Dietitians of Ontario, and must practice according to their standards and laws that protect the public. The term “nutritionist” is not protected in Ontario, therefore there are no standards for educational and professional requirements.

What can I expect during my first visit with a Registered Dietitian?

Your initial appointment with the Registered Dietitian typically takes about one hour. They will ask you a number of questions about your current and past diet, medical history and most importantly, your goals and what you would like to achieve after your visit(s). You may choose to be measured (weight, height and waist circumference) or not – we believe that health is reflected in many ways, only one of which is your size and weight!

At the end of the session, you can expect to receive personalized dietary advice based on your needs, relevant resources and a better understanding of how to achieve your health goals.

What about follow-up appointments?

Making dietary changes is an ongoing process. Follow-up sessions are designed to provide you with continuing support, guidance and access to additional information and resources. At these sessions, you will have a chance to ask any questions or address any concerns that you may have following your assessment. If you received a meal plan after the initial assessment, a follow-up appointment is also a great chance for you and the Registered Dietitian to work together to make adjustments based on your experience with the plan up until this point.

Are dietetics services covered by insurance?

Many extended healthcare and benefit plans provide reimbursement for Registered Dietitian services. Check with your insurance provider to see if these services are covered.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Most importantly, your motivation and ideas for what you would like to learn by the end of the session! We also ask that you bring a 3-day food diary with all of your meals, snacks and beverages during that time (with amounts, if possible). Ideally, you would include one weekend day in your diary to help us get an accurate picture of your normal diet. If you've had any recent blood work or nutrition panels completed, these results would also be helpful to bring with you.

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