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A restorative, hollistic and scientific method to restore your function and control pain. The number of conditions that are treated with physiotherapy is almost endless.

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How We Can Help

Low Back Pain

It can be acute or chronic and come in many different forms.  Herniated discs, arthritis, sciatica, sacroiliac issues and others  can be managed with hands-on physiotherapy.

Neck Pain

It should not be painful to turn your head and you should not have that radiating pain or numbness into your shoulder or hand. Neck problems can vary greatly and in many cases may not even have direct neck pain. Physiotherapy can help.

Migraines / Headaches

While pain medication may alleviate symptoms, if there are biomechanical causes for headaches or migraines they may continue. We try to find the root causes and to correct them.


We utilize the "Schroth" method to manage scoliosis. It is a conservative approach that includes manual treatment that is coupled with specific exercises and postural training. All of which are individual to each case depending on the curve involved.

Joint Pain

The human body loves motion and you need healthy joints to keep moving. Pain is a sign that things may not functioning the way they should be.


Whether it is an ankle, knee, wrist or anything else, ligament injuries happen. Proper hands-on rehabilitation can help reduce your time away from what you love and the risk of re-injury.

Our Approach

At Physiotherapy and Beyond we utilize a total body approach to assessment and treatment. Many biomechanical problems that send you to physiotherapy are not one dimensional and so their treatment should not be either. Finding the related components to a complicated problem can allow for the most comprehensive and successful treatment plans.

Our experienced practitioners provide one-on-one sessions of advanced manual therapy techniques which include Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT),  Mulligan, MacKenzie, Schroth, as well as other soft-tissue hands-on techniques that include visceral, fascial, neural, cranial components and other conventional physiotherapy techniques.

These techniques generally involve gentle joint and tissue mobilization techniques which assist in promoting tissue repair, normalizing structures as well as restoring mobility and function. 

Modalities if required are also available. These include LASER, ultrasound, TENS, paraffin wax, heat and cryotherapy.

FAQs About Physiotherapy

Will it hurt?

Physiotherapy does not need to hurt! In some cases you may feel varying degrees of discomfort but ultimately using the least painful methods is our priority. If you are in pain don't hesitate to tell your physiotherapist. Your therapist will also try their best to tell you if something they do may cause you any discomfort

Do you accept auto insurance?

We do accept motor vehicle insurance at Physiotherapy and Beyond. It is important that we aware that you intend to file an automotive claim as soon as possible in order to ensure the process is completed without delays that may affect your treatment.

How should I dress for physiotherapy?

You should dress in comfortable attire that allow you to be flexible and you are able to exercise in. Sometimes clothing can limit what we can do in physiotherapy so if you cannot come dressed for treatment feel free to bring a change of clothes with you.

What can I expect during my first visit?

During your first session you will be formally assessed by a physiotherapist. They will discuss your diagnosis with you and together you both will come up with a plan to treat it. In most cases your treatment will also begin during your first visit.

Can you bill my health benefits?

We are able to directly bill several different third party health insurance providers. To find out if we are able to bill yours please contact us directly. If we are unable to bill your provider or would prefer, you may submit your own claims. If you do not have third party coverage, you may also submit your health related expenses if they are tax deductible with your income taxes.

What can I expect after my physiotherapy session?

In many cases you should feel better than when you arrived. Exercises and other therapy can sometimes result in some lingering discomfort after you complete your session and at home. Your physiotherapist will try to inform you as best they can about expectations and possible responses to any treatment. If you do experience any discomfort please inform your treatment team.

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